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1 month Pre-release: Text

1-month Pre-Release

One Month Before Music Release 

Release Your First Single

You may want to consider releasing 2 singles – in this case, drop that in under 8 Weeks Before release! This is a great way to build buzz, get fans excited, and also get some music bloggers interested. Any reviews you can place will help build your overall online profile.

On the press side of the house, aim for appropriate blog targets. If you are a brand new artist, Pitchfork is probably NOT appropriate. Go for smaller, more targeted music blogs!

That being said, be sure to reach out to your “within reason” dream targets with your single(s). It’s not the best idea to wait to reach out to these loftier sites with your album.

Album reviews take a considerable amount of time and, if you look, most music sites are reserving these full album review slots for the most anticipated albums so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get full album / EP reviews (they are not en vogue these days).



Announce a Music Release Event: Live Show, Live Stream or Listening Party

If you play live shows, book a release show or a Live Stream and do something to make this show more special than the others. Decorate the venue, or your studio if you are live streaming. When we get back to normal life and you can have a real release party at an actual venue, work with the bar to create a special shot or cocktail, pre-sell a merch pack, hire a party bus, ask a food truck to pull outside the venue, etc.

You might want to consider a special interactive ticketed Zoom live stream using SIDEDOOR with a co-host to facilitate special moments with your audience. 


If you don’t play out, create a listening party at a small bar, create an after-work happy hour, or choose a local favorite coffee shop. If you are just starting and don’t think you can draw a large crowd, hold a listening house party with wine tasting, cupcake bake-off, fondue party, etc. Think about your fans and make this special for them. And, of course, the key is to announce that tickets are on sale and share links!

Launch Your Music PR or Playlisting Campaign 

This is a great way to build buzz. If you are hiring a PR team, this will be when they will launch.

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