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2 weeks Pre-release: Text

2-weeks Pre-Release

Two Weeks Before Music Release

Build the Momentum!

Keep the excitement up on your socials by scheduling countdowns across your socials.

Send an email to your superfans and ask them to share your music on release day on their socials.  Give them the tools to do this properly. (This means writing the posts for them to share and provide the artwork!)

Write your “Day Of” Newsletter so it is ready to go out.

Hold a contest to win the new music or give away tickets to your show or listening party.

Be Ready For Release Day 

Prep Your Website:

  • Change the artwork on your homepage to announce the new music

  • Add an announcement to the News section


Skin ALL socials with “Out Now!”

  • Use CANVA to size and design

  • Create graphics for each platform to post


  • Send out a newsletter announcement to your MAILING LIST. You should ideally have already asked your SUPER FANS to help you get the word out!


  • Change your bio to announce the release – add the musical note or an appropriate emoji, too! Add the streaming link

  • Create a release tile and post with the album / single art and say “out now” with a CTA to click the link in your bio

  • Create an Instagram Story video and post

  • Go to Instagram Live and talk about the fact that the music is available and ask for fan feedback



  • Make a fun video about the release – and Boost!

  • Boost or Buy an Ad announcing the release to your fans and a lookalike audience

  • Edit the “About” section to include the new release

  • Post a status update announcing your release, and pin it to the top as a timeline feature

  • Go to Facebook Live and talk about the fact that the music is available and ask for fan feedback



  • Header and Profile Photo: Keep these up to date and in line with the rest of your social profiles

  • Image Gallery: Choose images most aligned with your brand and recent music

  • Social Media Links: Add links to your socials. Here’s a 'HOW TO' FROM SPOTIFY on adding those and an image gallery

  • SPOTIFY BIO: With 1500 characters to share with your fans, you can update this whenever it makes sense for you. Keep your bio updated, include shows, notable press, and new singles. Optimize your bio by tagging other artists when appropriate

  • Add an Artist’s Pick: You can designate a song, album, or playlist as the “Artist’s Pick.” This will appear at the top of your profile with a note from you. You can add a custom image to your Pick or share tour dates if preferred. READ MORE HERE



  • Tweet out your release announcement

  • Pin the tweet to the top of your profile page

  • Go to Buffer and program the tweets for 1-3 times a day for the next 10 days



  • Customize the banner to announce the new music

  • Add your streaming link and mention the release the “About” section

  • Upload a video of the cover art with the track playing in the background


And Finally … Keep Up The Momentum! 

Phew! That was A LOT. Now, you have to keep the energy up and the word out. Your new baby will be new for quite some time; even though it feels like it may be the end of the journey, it is really just the beginning.

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