Tips for choosing your Hashtags/Keywords

CLICK HERE to listen to a helpful podcast on selecting hashtags.

  1. The hashtags you choose should be no lower than 8000 posts or higher than 300,000 posts. Choosing posts with under 8000 posts means there is not enough volume of people in that keyword. If you choose too many keywords with a small amount of posts, we will be able to reach every person in that keyword in one day. As a result, our technology will spend the rest of the time searching empty keywords and this could slow down your growth rate. Choosing posts with over 300,000 posts are often spammed with people unrelated to your unique content.

  2. General, one word keywords such as #love, #business or #funny should be avoided. Even though you may feel like some of these keywords are related to you and your content, they could also relate to many other people. The keywords you choose should be exclusive to the hashtags posted by the audience you're looking to attract. If you have too many generalized keywords that could apply to many people, your followers will still grow, but your engagement may not grow with it (likes, comments, etc). Since these keywords could apply to a variety of different people, following too many people outside of the content that you're posting about could lead to Instagram temporarily banning your following activity for 1-7 days. The purpose of this program is not to reach out to as many people as possible, because that's spamming. This is to help you connect with the more relevant people quickly, because that's socializing. 

  3. Double keywords (compound words) such as #torontofashion, #fitnessmom, #hiphopcanada are the best way to narrow down your target audience to a local group or exclusive audience. Hashtags with multiple words can often be too narrow and lead to a low volume of posts. As long as the volume of posts is above 8000, this can be a great way to narrow down your target audience.

  4. The best way to know if a hashtag is right for your campaign is to LOOK THEM UP. Under Instagram's search section, type in the hashtag you're considering adding and click on it to see what types of people are posting in it. If you open the profiles of the last 40-50 people in that post and they are your target demographic of people, then you can be sure the hashtag is right for you. If you feel like they are not the types of people you want to connect with, then choose a different hashtag. You can also use the search section to check the volume of posts to make sure that they're in the right range (8K-900K).

  5. For the best results... Know yourself and the value you provide, know your audience and who that value serves. You're not looking for the hashtags that you would be posting on your pictures. The hashtags that you're choosing should be to reach out to people who would be well served by seeing your content. The more you help add value and serve the people that you're reaching out to with your content, the better results you're going to have. 

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