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Toronto, ON, Canada


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Tho HOOK & Company

Michelle Allman, born and raised in Toronto and first generation Canadian, has always been involved in music in some way, shape or form. She has been a musician playing piano from the age of 4 studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music and later investing herself in learning the art of steel pan. At the age of 14, she took a hiatus from being a musician to spend some time dancing, performing in talent shows across the city. She realized, no matter what she did or where she went, she was always mingling with various individuals involved in music; from singers and rappers to DJ's and producers and more. 


In her 20’s and 30’s she became quite known in the world of business; training sales agents in customer service in multiple provinces, testing new system programming for large corporate industries, and finally handling relationship finance accounting for over 300+ global and national corporate accounts including government. Through it all, her love of music was still very prominent in her life, as it had always been her first love. With her acquired business savvy, network connections and musical ear, she tried her hand at managing artists for a period of 2 years. In doing so, she realized that without proper networking, and an extensive understanding of industry challenges, the possibility of failure was inevitable. Michelle has spent over 4 years committed to researching and reviewing the best way to solve the increasing gap between artists and the connections they need to develop based on their desired goals and assisting newly formed and small businesses create lasting fundamental and economical results. This is where the passion to create The Hook and Company, a multi-tiered referral company for artists and businesses of all forms, came to fruition. 

As a single parent of 2 girls, both over the age of 20, she has a deep passion for mentoring youth and young adults. She’s always understood the challenges of self-love and importance of persistence, which remain underlying lessons in all she does. She wants everyone to know that they can achieve any level of success by believing in themselves and striving to go as far as their mind and body can take them! In keeping with her commitment to helping others, she has donated her time on the board of directors for Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, which is an institute that caters to women who fall victim to domestic violence. She has also received her Level II certificate as a Reiki practitioner to support proper energy healing to assist in reaching maximum potential in mind and body


In short, Michelle found her true passion in helping people. Creating the company of her dreams to help artists attain theirs has been a blessing she only hopes others can get ‘HOOK'd’ on.