Have you been told you’re not ready for a manager? Or maybe you've had difficulty finding a manager that's right for you? Do you need someone experienced with specialized industry know-how to take your music to the next level?




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MOD your Music!

Reserve a MANAGER ON DEMAND for any of your creative or business projects. Our MOD’s are equipped and available to partner with you to take on any:


  • Project Management

  • Album/Single Release Strategies

  • Grant and Funding Prep

  • Direct Connections

  • Brand and Market Detailing

  • Consulting services

Our MANAGERS ON DEMAND can be booked using your choice of time block to work directly with you to create your custom projects and marketing based solutions. Take advantage of their expertise to organize and elevate your:


  • Music business experience

  • Tour Planning and Management

  • Negotiation/Representation

  • As a Networker and Spokesperson

  • Artist Development

  • Brand Marketing and Promotion

  • Artistic Direction and Defining Your Brand

  • Track/Songwriting Placements

  • Money Management and Budgeting


Become a Freelance Manager...

The HOOK’s e-commerce platform provides Managers on Demand with direct access to The HOOK’s pre-vetted pool of service freelancers for project completion and a direct global demand from buyers (artists/musicians).

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