Artists these days often get stuck doing it all  when they don't have a team. Our job is, not only, to help you build that team, but help you build it with the strongest and most capable people. Today's deal not only saves you money, but also time, stress and overwhelm!

Toronto-born Rachael Baptiste is a woman with vision.

Raised by a defining example of womanhood, Rachael worked hard to be the shining example to woman by putting her shoulder to the wheel and working hard and smart.

For this reason, Rachael’s mission is to turn messages into movements and help propel her talented clientele into a position to make their dreams come true.

With musical roots that began in the church, it became a place where she first discovered that music is a powerful force that rocks her spirit.

Once introduced to the art and its ability to inspire people with melodic songs and inspiring words, music no longer could fall to the background as a hobby but became a vessel for her expression. From this point of realization onward, music became a vehicle that was markedly possible as a potential career path and platform for change.