We are excited to have you perform! To ensure we can create an optimal viewing experience you are required to do a sound check on the MONDAY before the open mic at 7pm EST. We will be using ZOOM to patch your feeds in. Please review the important information below and ensure you log in 5 minutes prior to so that we’re all logged in on time.


Topic: CREATOR ASYLUM - sound check

Time: Mondays @ 7pm EST


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 825 5689 3380

Password: soundcheck


Take some time to review the FAQ’s on the website by CLICKING HERE to familiarize yourselves with how the open mic works and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reply to this email or ask during sound check. Once you've completed sound check you'll receive a follow-up email with the stream link for Tuesday's show.


To Do List:

  • Arrive at sound check ON TIME. If you do not do a sound check, you will not perform.

  • Promote the event using the images provided in the email. (you’re allowed to create your own promo as well, as long as the provided images are included)

    • Don't forget to tag @thehookandco and use #CreatorAsylum​

  • Create a unique and creative performance setting. (ex. use good quality/ambient lighting, art etc.)

  • Use an appropriate tech setup to provide optimal stream quality (CLICK HERE for some suggestions)

PERFORMANCE Expectations:

  • The host will introduce you using the description you provided and then make your feed LIVE.

  • Re-introduce yourself and tell your audience about what you'll be performing.

  • Be personable and pretend like you're actually in front of people.

  • Make eye contact with the centre of the camera for optimal audience connectivity.

  • Talk to your audience in between your pieces, ask them to 'SHOW SOME LOVE' to help encourage them to TIP.

  • When you're done performing thank your audience & The HOOK Entertainment for having you.

  • DON'T FORGET to tell everyone where to hear/see more from you! 



Here are the minimum tech requirements for CREATOR ASYLUM:

  • Strong Internet Connection

  • Laptop or PC with webcam OR phone with a high resolution camera


Stream setup options:

1) Built-in Webcam & Microphone (Beginner)

All you need is your laptop computer or cellphone! This setup is ideal for those performers who simply want to show up, do a quick soundcheck, and put on a great show for their fans without going through all the hassle of setting up tons of gear. While the sound can be brittle, this option is best suited for those who aren't that tech savvy. Just optimize your ZOOM settings prior to sound check with the specs listed below.  

2) External Webcam + External Microphone (Intermediate)

An external USB Webcam can do a lot to improve the video quality of your performance. Pair that with a microphone of your choosing and an audio interface to bring the sound in to your computer, and you can bring the audio quality to a whole new level. If you have an audio mixer, you can easily bring in multiple audio sources for your show. Just make sure you have the proper cabling to bring the audio from the mixer into your computer.


3) High Definition Video Camera & External Audio Mixer (Advanced)

When a webcam just isn't enough, you can easily use an HD video camera to improve the video quality of your production. You'll need desktop client software such as Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder (Free!) or Telestream's Wirecast ($$$). You'll also need a way to connect the camera to your computer, such as a Firewire connection or analog-to-digital video converter. Pair this with the audio setup mentioned above and you'll be kickin' ass.

ZOOM basic set up for audio/video:


ZOOM Settings for optimal performance feed:

  • Please patch in via a laptop if possible

  • Your video feed should be in LANDSCAPE orientation not portrait

  • In your VIDEO ADVANCED SETTINGS please turn off any hardware acceleration

  • If you are singing to track you'll want to turn on SHARE COMPUTER SOUND in the ADVANCED SCREEN SHARE settings

  • Have headphones with a microphone or use an external microphone for your audio



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