About the Tour


Can a minor, a person under 18, participate?

Yes, a minor can participate. We will accept a minor no younger than 16. The minor must be accompanied by a Supervising Adult at all events. The minor cannot participate in the club events because they are underage and liquor is served. There is an additional $350 fee for a Supervising Adult.


What is the Rap Battle?

EMW will host a full scale rap battle between Chinese and Foreign Rappers. The winner will be crowned the EMW King and invited to the Local/Social Media Scrum and Blogger Interview.


What is a Club Date?

EMW will allow each artist to perform 5 to 10 minutes at a Club in either Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Gaungzhou depending on what package is purchased.


What is the Studio Recording Session?

EMW will arrange a professional studio recording session in a high profile Chinese recording studio. EMW will match each artist with a local Chinese artist to create a unique opportunity to market your brand directly to potential Chinese fans.


What is a Park Performance?

EMW will coordinate performances in a public park in either Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Many Chinese gather at public parks on the weekends or after work and artists routinely perform.


What is the Group Video Shoot?

EMW will coordinate a Group Video Shoot that will include all of the tour participants. This collaborative video shoot will alow each participant to rap, sing or dance.


What is Local/Social Media Scrum?

EMW will host a media scrum inviting local news and social media hosts to interview artist who have paid for Ultimate Package.

What is Local Blogger Interview?

EMW will match artist who have paid for the Ultimate Package with Chinese Bloggers for one-on-one interviews.

Can I get a Chinese Tourist Visa if I've been arrested?

Yes, it is still possible to get a Chinese Tourist Visa if you have an arrest record and have a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the type of charge. Unfortunately, it is likely you may have issues obtaining a visa if you have any type of drug related arrest or conviction. Even a minor misdemeanor arrest and/or conviction may be an issue. Please check with the Chinese embassy or consulate on your specific circumstances to determine your eligibility for a China Tourist Visa.

Can my manager/girlfriend/parent/etc come?

Absolutely! Partners, friends, managers, videographers, etc are more than welcome to come for an additional fee. Remember, if you bring someone that person is taking the spot in the hotel/van/etc that could have gone to an artist and our priorities are first to take care of the performers. To cover additional week of hotel room rental and additional van rental to accommodate there is a $800 fee that does not include airfare, food, or visa for each person attending. This fee covers all of that person's in country travel and hotel, and event admission. People are also able to book their own hotel and travel and come to the events!

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