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Mission Statement

Our mission (if you choose to accept it), is providing artists the support they need to create long term impact in a short strategic period of time. 


To build a strong network of professionally talented individuals and businesses, that are passionate about their craft, and sustain it with integrity; creating a localized "hub" that services everything an artist/musician/entertainer needs based on their goals, intent and budget.

The HOOK & Company is an all-black female led agency who have identified the importance of a manager's role in the music industry and the equitable leverage sync licensing provides for Canada’s music artists. We have created a platform that provides emphasis on direct work-for-hire opportunities with resource support on one hand and sync placement assignments to artists primarily from the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and recognized as female communities in the other.


"The HOOK & Company is a progressive boutique that specializes in customized services for emerging and export-ready music artists."

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The HOOK & Company is a referral and management agency providing music/entertainment professionals direct resources, management, sync licensing placements and education; prioritizing the LGBTQ+, BIPOC and recognized as female communities. The HOOK’s platform directly connects artists to industry experts for: Single/Album Releases, Touring, Brand/Marketing strategies, Funding preparation, Business Management and Networking. The HOOK’s Management agency will allow managers to support each other while working in a community dedicated to positive mental health while The HOOK Sync Group provides a one-stop shop for music creation, pitching songs and music production for tv/film, advertising agencies and innovative content creators.

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